Dark Roast Brown Rice Flour 1kg [free shipping]

Since only first-grade staple rice, which can be eaten as is, is lavishly used, the taste is uniform and the flavor of the rice is rich.
In addition, unlike the brown rice usually sold on the market as-is, once the brown rice is heated to a surface temperature of 125°C, it is carefully and carefully roasted.
It is then air flow milled to a fine 0.2 size. The roasted brown rice gives off a kinako (soybean flour)-like aroma.
Nutritious brown rice flour can be used for various purposes.

-7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Brown Rice Flour-
1: Helps to weight loss
2: Controls blood sugar level
3: Aids digestion
4: Controls cholesterol levels
5: Neuroprotective effective
6: Improves maternal health
7: Maintains bone health


エネルギー337kcal, たんぱく質10.6g, 脂質3.1g, 炭水化物72.2g, 食塩 0g (100gあたり)
  • 3,500円(税込)